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I would like to acknowledge Susie Symons - my beloved wife, partner, friend, and colleague - as a guiding force in my life and in my work. I have watched her remarkable path from loving mother and potter to exceptional teacher of clay, and then on to her evolution as an extraordinarily gifted and effective psychologist and counselor. I am fortunate to share my life with her. What can I say from the heart to someone who is both my steering star and the mooring anchor that helps hold me to the earth? Deepest thanks and enduring love, Susie, for all you are.

And, while thanks are being listed, this is an essential one. To Phyllis Evans, who has held my "newcomer's" hand on every Apple Computer hardware and software issue for many years, I kneel in awe. Thanks Phyllis, for unending support, encouragement, advice, and cheer. Without your early involvement, this website would not be a reality.

With great appreciation to Marybeth Sollins for her masterful editing and her reading of the text.

To Jeani and Rosti Eismont, who have designed and been birthing coaches on all aspects of this site, I offer great and bountiful thanks! Their good listening skills, gentle, educating attitude and above all their sensitive designers' eyes have enabled me beyond measure to bring this project to life.

My appreciation also goes to Diane Housken, an important contributor to our well-conceived and smoothly functioning site. As in house building, an easily opening door or window is the result of a solid foundation, while plumbing and wiring, done well, provide for efficient functions. Diane has provided an apparently effortless navigating system, writing codes and scripts to conform to the myriad platforms and browsers. We mere computer-using mortals salute her.

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