JOHN GLICK: A Legacy in Clay. (preview online catalogue)

The John Glick Ceramics Retrospective
June 18,2016-March 12,2017
Cranbrook Art Museum
Bloomfield Hills, Michigan


Dear Friends and clients,
September 2015. In two to three years, Susie and I are planning to move to Walnut Creek, California to be near family. We want to give accurate and clear information to all who wish to understand our upcoming transitions.

Regarding our Plum Tree Pottery Showroom during the coming months:

There will be an ample selection of pots to purchase.

Our showroom has always been open Wed., Thurs, Fri. 1-5, and Saturday 10-5. However, I am most often here, so if you wish to come at other times, please just call (248) 476-4875. For Saturday in particular, please call to be sure I am here. (In my partial retirement, I’m allowing myself to be away on an occasional weekend!)

As I sort through the collection of my work which comprises 50 years of experimentation, many fine pots will be available in the Studio Showroom, and through the “Sales Gallery” link on my website at or

Winnowing my large collection of historic pieces will begin in January 2014. This is in preparation for The John Glick Legacy Project, a retrospective exhibit of my work in conjunction with the Museum at the Cranbrook Art Academy in Bloomfield Hills, which is John’s alma mater. At this time we have no specific scheduling information about the show and potential traveling exhibit.

Availability of new work:

I am no longer making new work because all my energy is focused on vacating the studio and selling the many tools on hand.

Julia Walther, my Artist-in-residence, continues to make her own pots in the studio and is helping with tasks involved with our eventual studio closing and move. Daily we are grateful for her abundant energy, support and brainstorming about the logistical challenges ahead. Plus, Julia sings beautifully!

Thoughts about the future:

It’s very likely that we’ll host one or two more Open House events in the coming months. When we know the timing, we will be sure to let you know. Given the time I’m still here in Michigan, more frequent Studio Open House events are likely.

People often ask, “Will you continue making pottery in California?” I expect to, but have no specific plans right now. I want to wait and get us settled there. I promise to keep you informed.

Be assured we will stay in touch via email and on my website regarding future activities.

General thoughts:

We welcome your networking ideas and the passing along of this information: Our wonderful home, studio, and 1.5 acres of land will be coming onto the market in a few years. If you know someone who could thrive on this versatile property with its wide range of potential uses, please put us in touch.

I can advise on such matters as the historic designation of this property, zoning situations, and more. I have solid resources for additional information regarding options for this mixed-use property. Our comfortable home (2100 square feet) and studio (3500 square feet) have potential as an independent or co-op studio, workspace, or other home occupation.

I am preparing an extensive series of images showing the property, home, studio, exterior buildings, etc. It will be on the internet, and I’ll let you know when it’s available.

As always, you can reach me at : (248) 476-4875 or email johnglick at

As for the fresh opportunities awaiting Susie and me in California, we are excited to be close to children and grandchildren, with a new part of the country to explore together. Our work and interests will evolve through this change, and we believe it will be invigorating.

Most importantly, I want to thank you for the warm, generous support you’ve given us over these decades. As a student, my dream was to live within and enhance my community through making work that I cared deeply about. For over 50 years you, your families, and friends have graced our studio showroom and our Open House events in this historic setting. You’ve used my pots in your home, given them as gifts, and shared with me how my work has been part of your life. Through you, my dreams have been fulfilled. Thank you for being in my life, and being in the story of Plum Tree Pottery.

With great thanks.

John Glick
Susie Symons


Julia Walther (right) started her residency in August of 2012, having previously studied at Carleton College and the University of Colorado in Boulder. She currently divides her time between Plum Tree Pottery and Motawi Tileworks in Ann Arbor.

2011-2012 Resident Adrienne Heinbaugh (right center top) will be moving from Lincoln, NE, where she is currently a post-bacc student at the University of Nebraska, to Gainesville, FL to begin graduate school at the University of Florida under Linda Arbuckle, Anna Calluori Holcombe, and Nan Smith. She studied with my former resident Mark Cole when he taught at Longwood University in Virginia.

Brett Gray (right center bottom) began his residency here at Plum Tree Potter in Sept of 2010 and continued through fall of 2011. Brett came from the excellent program at The College of Creative Studies in Detroit. His interests are presently focused on surface treatments and functional vessel forms. He has an amazing ability to make great decorative marks on his ware.

2009 - 2010 Resident Molly Jones (bottom right) lives in Denver, CO, where she continues her work in clay. She is currently preparing a portfolio for graduate school applications. Good hunting, Molly!

Jay Dion, 2007 artist-in-residence has finished his studies at California College of the Arts and is actively job hunting.

Former resident Elenor Wilson is on her way back from Taipaei. She was recently named associate editor of Studio Potter magazine.

July 2014 update: Earlier this year Elenor was named editor and joins Rosti Eismont, (1972-73 apprentice) who has been art director of Studio Potter since 1980, as principal producers of that fine journal.

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